Erin Antosh Bio


Erin is a Clinical Herbalist with a background in nutrition, botanical product development, detoxification/biotransformation, organic gardening, and true farm-to-table cooking. As Apothekary’s Senior Wellth Advisor & Farmacist, Erin leads the company’s R&D team, formulates new blends, and creates educational content based on her extensive herbal training.

Erin completed the Foundations of Medicinal Herbalism and Herbal Apothecary certification programs at Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine in Castleton, VA and continued her clinical herbalism training working at the school’s clinic seeing clients and formulating botanical products. After completing an advanced program with The American Herbalism Guild, Erin has specialized training working with women planning to conceive, through pregnancy and postpartum. Erin continued her herbalism and nutrition clinical training through a mentorship program with Camille Freeman, LDN, RH and has consulted various wellness companies on product development.

In 2015, Erin graduated with honors from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. As a Culinary Nutrition Expert and an experienced cook with training at The Farm Cooking School, Erin is able to translate nutrition science into nourishing meals that allow clients to use food as medicine. Additionally, Erin pursued advanced clinical studies in Detoxification and Biotransformation with Josh Gitalis, a Clinical Functional Nutritionist based in Toronto. Erin holds an Organic Gardening Certification from Prior Unity Garden and has extensive experience growing medical plants.

Erin is the Founder of Where The Good Grows (WTGG), a natural well-being company which educates about the power of holistic therapies to transform health. Through WTGG, Erin combines her clinical training with her improv comedy experience to teach entertaining and empowering natural wellness education programs.

Favorite Apothékary items: 

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