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Sage sticks are used to cleanse and heal the person or object being “smudged”, a ritual of blessing. Sage is also often used to 'wash off' the outside world when one enters ceremony and enters a new or stale space. Nama-stay.
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Great Product

Great products, but I really wish the blends came in a package with a mouth Wide enough to accommodate a spoon. The current packages are visually appealing, but make it hard to measure out a teaspoon.

Love the scent of this one better than other companies!

I love the scent of this sage. It's very relaxing. I used the sage the following day after my package arrived, afternoon time around 3pm. The scent lasted until the following day, until about 7pm when I used the sage again. I felt a lighter feeling. I hard more energy and a positive frame of mind and just feeling excited again about life. I have a sense of calmness and not as anxious as I can be. I bought 2 packages, which I plan to share with my mom and sisters. So after 2 days of my package arriving I ordered another one so I can have on hand.

Smells amazing! Great so far for my house

Smells amazing! Great so far for my massage studio. One of my work colleagues down the hall thought our sage foot hills were on fire. She was relieved when it was just the burning of my sage stick.

Just my opinion

This was my first time smudging, so I didn't really know what to expect, but here's what I observed. It was very hard to keep the thing smoking. Had to keep relighting, and not much smoke would release. Also, I didn't care much for the smell. Just my opinion.

Post work relief

I work in senior care. We had a room in the building that had a VERY heavy feeling. After burning the sage, it’s like a whole new room. My only complaint was that you did have to relight quite a few times to get it really smoking, but all in all I feel like the purpose of buying it was achieved.

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