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Reishi Mushroom (Ingredient)
Reishi Mushroom
Brain tonic, fights allergies, promotes calmness, and overall cognitive awareness.
Stress Relieving Stress Relieving
Vata Balancing Vata Balancing
Pitta Balancing Pitta Balancing
All hail the Queen! Reishi aka the Queen healer is an adaptogenic mushroom that reduces stress and promotes longevity. In her court, there is not time for stress, allergy symptoms, or an imbalance of hormones.

If you're looking for a natural chill pill, the Queen is for you. Reishi has long been hailed for it zen inducing effects, in Chinese medicine it promotes balance, calmness, and awareness. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and a longevity tonic. Health, happiness, and prosperity to all.

Origin: Japan, Korea, China
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  • Reishi Mushroom Brain tonic, fights allergies, promotes calmness, and overall cognitive awareness.
How To Use
Very tasty mixing 1 tsp with Matcha or Moringa. Also a great addition to smoothies, soups and broths.

Customer Reviews

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Multi-functional in smoothie or recipe for bark

This is super amazing mixed with cacao or carob to make chocolate bark.

Tasty in shakes

I put this in my breakfast shakes each morning. Great taste and I am hoping they do what they are intended to do....maintain good memory!

amazing recovery

I suffer from fibromaylgia and was recently diagnosed with COPD. For 10 years I was confined to a reclining chair. I was so low functioning that my husband literally had to do everything for me. I was under a medical doctor's care and there just did not seem to be much hope for getting me back on my feet. After a few years, we were becoming absolutely desperate. My husband has always been interested in other options for medical care. Over the years we have used homeopathic and ayurvedic doctors and medicine with good results. Nothing seemed to work so my husband starting researching more and more of the traditional Chinese medicine. To make a long story short, he started us both (he suffers from CFS) on the medicinal mushrooms. After 10 years, I am on my feet and a fuly functioning human being. People are amazed at how well I recovered. I took both Red Reishi and Chaga (in a tea) for about 5 months when I began really gaining strength. I can honestly say that I am stronger today than I have been in 20 years or so. I recommend this product highly!

First timer

First time ordering from this company and the product is super ! For anyone considering Reishi powder , I made a superfood hot chocolate for my mornings with raw honey , cinnamon , sea salt , raw cacao , reishi and cayenne in coconut milk - it was amazing and plan it every morning ! No funny taste at all . Not only did I get a great new supplement I wanted to integrate into my regimen ; I found an amazing company with everything I could ever want at really good prices and the packaging is easy to close and helps keep it fresh . I look forward to ordering all my superfood needs here

Good stuff.

Me and my dog take it. I noticed some lumps on my dogs chest and his energy level dropping. He was unable to run and jump up in the car like he use to. After a few days of mixing this with peanut butter he's back to his normal self. I feel better too.

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