Blissed Over Buzzed Set

Blissed Over Buzzed Set

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Whether your new year’s intention is to reduce stress or drink less, this is the set for you. Swap your classic red and white wine flight for this herbal set featuring our two vino-inspired herbal remedies for tension and feelings of anxiety: Stop Your Wine-ing (powdered blend) and Take the Edge Off (our newly-introduced tincture). Together, this dynamic duo is the perfect way to kick off Dry January and a year of booze-free stress support.

Stop Your Wine-ing, our best-selling powdered blend—reminiscent of the flavor of red wines—was formulated to soothe chronic yet mild feelings of anxiety. It’s intended to calm that frazzled or chest-tightening sensation that can arise from stress. The functional herbs in Stop Your Wine-ing, while powerful, aren't sedative in small doses, so you can use this blend any time of day to reclaim your calm.

Take the Edge Off, our brand new tincture is 100% organic, third-party tested, and formulated to evoke notes of your favorite white wine. We formulated Take the Edge Off with powerful nervine herbs that ease symptoms of stress in the moment. Like the name implies – nervine herbs are a class of plants that specifically target the nervous system. They can help reduce muscle tension and tension headaches, calm restlessness and irritability, and in higher doses, support sleep.

Stop Your Wine-ing:
Aronia berries and acai berries contain the same heart-healthy polyphenols as red wine, but have an antioxidant concentration 10 times higher, and contain about 10-30 times the amount of anthocyanins.

Jujube date is also loaded with antioxidants, while packing a mean vitamin C punch to support the immune system. Jujube dates have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries to lift the mood, address anxiety, and support restful sleep.

Motherwort is a powerful nervine that soothes the nervous system to address anxiety and calm the mind.

MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) is derived from coconut oil, and is a healthy fat that nourishes a frayed nervous system, supports hormone regulation, aids digestion, and boosts the metabolism.

Take the Edge Off:
Passionflower (flower) has been used as a traditional remedy for insomnia, anxiety, and pain. Current research studies and clinical trials have proven its continued value for the nervous system as well. Used acutely and overtime, passionflower cools and tones the nervous system.

Linden (leaf & flower) soothes our nervous and cardiovascular system. It has been traditionally used to calm the nerves and reduce symptoms of anxiety, including indigestion, rapid heart rate, and nausea.

Skullcap (leaf & flower) is a nervine herb that has traditionally been used to curb nervousness, ease tension and quell tension headaches. It has mood-elevating benefits without reducing mental energy and cognition.

Oatstraw (leaf) is from the same plant as the common oat. It is a gentle nervine and supports a taxed nervous system, is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and has been shown to improve the body’s response to stress.

White mulberries are known to be rich in antioxidants, helping to reduce free radical damage within the body. Lemon peel has antioxidant properties within the body, and citrus peels are known to have a calming yet uplifting effect on our nervous system.

White nectarine and pear are juicy fruits that are high in vitamins and lend their rounded, sweet flavor to this blend’s wine white-esque flavor profile.

Stop Your Wine-ing has a rich, tart berry flavor from the acai and aronia berries, paired with bitterness from motherwort. Collectively, the flavors are reminiscent of ones you might find in a glass of red wine—bitter yet fruity.
Take the Edge Off evokes notes of a white wine: herbaceous, fruity, and tantalizing notes of citrus. Even if you’re not a white wine drinker, this tincture has a bright and sweet flavor that will refresh your palate and uplift your mood.

Stop Your Wine-ing is a versatile blend that can be enjoyed in latte form with warm milk (dairy or plant-based) and a little maple syrup. It also pairs well with cranberry or tart cherry juice and sparkling water, if you want to make a festive mocktail.

Take the Edge Off is great paired with drinks featuring lemons and citrus, juicy fruits like pears and stone fruits, and sparkling water. Its sweet and bright flavor makes it the perfect addition to a citrusy mocktail.
How To Use
Each other! Take the Edge Off and Stop Your Wine-ing can be combined together into a mocktail for the perfect evening or post-work wind down.

Stop Your Wine-ing can also be paired with Do Not Disturb, schisandra berry, astragalus, You Dew You.

Take the Edge Off is great for daytime stress relief paired with Rose Colored Glasses or with Do Not Disturb right before bed for chilled out sleep support.

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