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Moringa (Ingredient)
Source of vital nutrients including protein and potassium, and is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties.
Boosts Energy
Digestive Support
Vibrant Skin & Hair
Moringa is a small tree native to Nepal, also known as drumstick tree or horseradish tree. This potent green herb has been used for centuries as a cure all given its nutrient rich profile, including protein, calcium, and potassium and is excellent as an anti-inflammatory for a healthy gut.

If you struggle to get healthy greens into your diet, Moringa is great and easy to incorporate into your busy life. In Eastern European countries, Moringa has been used to treat and prevent ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, anemia, and digestive disorders.

Origin: Europe, Asia
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  • Moringa Source of vital nutrients including protein and potassium, and is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties.
How To Use
Moringa is looks and can be used just like Matcha, as a tea (mixed in hot water), or added to your daily smoothie or green juice.

Customer Reviews

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will orderagain

Love it! Great product, tastes fine in my smoothie. Haven't tried straight up. But I will say be careful if you dump it into the cup, I made quite a mess I keep it in a large ziplock bag to catch any loose powder

Awesome but small

Noticed a difference in my energy levels within 48 hours and making me feel better over all!

Moringa Powder Is A Must!

This really helps me stay on a positive mood all day and feeling energized. The taste can easily be disguised with juice.

Quality moringa!

I purchased this with my own coins!


I started taking The Moringa Powder as soon as it arrived and it's been about a little over a week my energy has increased. I dropped 3 lbs. I gradually started with 1/4 of a teaspoon in my breakfast smoothie each week until I reach a tablespoon 3x a day. I sprinkle it in my shampoo for my hair and skin regimen. My skin has improved. My hair is growing. I had blood pressure and cholesterol issues and 2 months later my levels have improved. I feed my plants morning too.I stored mine in a glass jar with a airtight lid instead of the package it came in. I will be buying more from your company!

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