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Maca Root (Ingredient)
Maca Root
Sexual health (libido + fertility), helps to improve mood, and is an overall energy booster.
Promotes Sexual Health Promotes Sexual Health
Boosts Energy
Stress Relieving Stress Relieving
Maca is an adaptogenic root with a mildly sweet and nutty creamy flavor that helps to nourish the adrenal glands and is a general vitality booster. If you need a mood, libido, and overall energy booster, Maca is your new best friend.

Maca is in particular great for balancing hormones and boost fertility for men, reducing stress and increasing stamina. In a controlled study, researchers gave 50 men with mild erectile dysfunction 2.4 grams of Maca or a placebo. After 12 weeks, the men downing Maca experienced a significant boost in their sexual performance.

Origin: South America
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  • Maca Root Sexual health (libido + fertility), helps to improve mood, and is an overall energy booster.
How To Use
Because of its caffeine-like effects, we recommend adding 1 tsp of powder to a creamy smoothie or your morning brew.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
amazing in smoothies

love the nutty taste and slight sweetness! great first purchase and super cute vial and packaging.

butterscotch yumminessss

It has that butterscotchy scent which shows me that this is good quality. I'm not a maca expert but I've been consuming it for about a year, helps a lot with anxiety for me or maybe it's just placebo idk overall it's something I add to my smoothie and I find it does help with overall mood balance, it's not a magic anti anxiety med though obviously.

Don't add anything else

I LOVE this coffee, plus there is research showing that Lions Mane helps repair nerve damage. Ordered it twice. This is the only coffee I have ever truly enjoyed the taste. Don't have to add flavor or sweetener to make it taste good.


obsessed. I want it all.

so far so good!!!

 I mixed the Maca in with my protein shakes and it had a faint taste of burned sugar or marsh mellows. It was not unpleasant at all. I have not suffered from any digestive problems like some reviewers listed. It's all good. I've only been taking for a few days so I can't really say if it is gonna give me more energy.

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