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Ginseng (Ingredient)
Ginseng (Siberian)
Regulates blood sugar, soothes inflammation, and provides stress & anxiety support.
Boosts Energy
Promotes Sexual Health Promotes Sexual Health
Vata Balancing Vata Balancing
Ginseng is an adaptogenic root, known to be particularly great for those that are more Type A, and live by the "work hard play hard" mentality. This warming and sweet root is an adaptogen and immune tonic and has been used for centuries to treat damp, windy (similar to Vata imbalances) conditions.

If you want to feel invigorated and full of energy sans caffeine, Ginseng will be a great herb for you. The herb is believed to restore and enhance general well being, strengthening Chi or "what gives life" in Traditional Medicine. In modern times, Ginseng is particularly great to help regulate blood sugar, soothe inflammation, and do as adaptogens do: provide anxiety and stress support.

Couldn't we all use Ginseng by the IV? We're (kinda) kidding.

Origin: Japan, Korea, China, Russia
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  • Ginseng (Siberian) Regulates blood sugar, soothes inflammation, and provides stress & anxiety support.
How To Use
Add 1 tsp to your favorite smoothie or latte, or take in capsule form.

Customer Reviews

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Helps with insomnia

I have tried ginseng pills before and to be honest did not notice a huge difference in how I felt. I feel like with the powder I did notice slight increases to my energy levels. I wouldn’t say it was a night at day difference but a decent product

take the powder daily and it gives me a great boost of energy

I have been taking this organic ginseng powder daily and it gives me a great boost of energy , I highly recommend it

Love it but expensive

Love this very much, taste is fine when in tea or smoothie. Also very good for my immunity and energy but it is expensive. Lasts a long time!

Enhance mental health and focus

I’m a fan of adding my own herbal support to my coffee, teas and smoothies. 

Love this -- better than pills and easily integratable into a busy morning

I make tea every morning and add in Reishi, Aswagandha, and Ginseng root. All three from Apothekary. All three are amazing products that last a long time, a little goes a long way.

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