Finding the Root: Comprehensive Wellness Consultation with Dr. Jessica Christie

Finding the Root: Comprehensive Wellness Consultation with Dr. Jessica Christie
Ready to take your wellness to the next level? How about down to the root level? When it comes to your health, we believe in addressing symptoms from the source so that you can holistically improve your wellbeing for the long-term. In this one-on-one consultation package, you’ll have the opportunity to work with Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Nutrition Specialist Dr. Jessica Christie on identifying the root cause of your health conditions and addressing them with a personalized care plan.


Dr. Jessica Christie will start by getting to know you and your health history on a comprehensive level, reviewing your health from the time you were born to present day and looking at your current wellness status and lifestyle to more thoroughly understand your conditions and symptoms.

You’ll also submit a sample to complete a Bioresonance Hair Test, which we'll ship directly to once you purchase the package. The hair analysis uses biophysics and quantum mechanics to evaluate potential nutrient imbalances, allergies and sensitivities, hormone imbalances, heavy metal toxicity, gut biome imbalances, and digestive and metabolism imbalances. The hair test will be collected at home and mailed in, and the results come to Dr. Jessica where she can analyze them side-by-side with your health history to come up with a well-rounded, holistic care plan.

The care plan may include the following recommendations (all care plans are individualized to be tailored to your exact needs and goals): nutritional/dietary changes, helpful herbs, vitamins and other supplements, various at-home activities that may include exercises, hydrotherapy techniques (the therapeutic use of water to achieve certain health goals), acupressure (no needles, just pressing on pressure points throughout the body to achieve a desired result), and stress relief techniques.


The Bioresonance Hair Test used in this program is not meant to formally diagnose any type of condition, disorder, or deficiency but rather to evaluate current state of health by providing markers for Dr. Jessica to form a recommended plan for you, in addition to your current state of wellness and history. While Dr. Jessica is a fully accredited and licensed practitioner, she (as is the case with most doctors), cannot formally treat or diagnose conditions for clients outside of her states of license. This package is meant to serve as a wellness consultation for those looking to get a more in-depth understanding of their health and perhaps continue digging deeper with a doctor in their state of residence, using the findings and recommendations from this consultation as a starting point.


- One-hour intake session where you will share your health history, current lifestyle, and future goals with Dr. Jessica.
- One 30-minute follow-up session after four weeks to check in on progress
- Once results from your hair test have arrived, Dr. Jessica will evaluate and upload results to Healthie, a HIPAA compliant portal, with her notes and findings.
- $75 in Apothékary store credit (sent via email after purchase of consultation)
- 10% off products from Fullscript
- As recommended or needed, you will have the option to add an additional 30-min session with Dr. Jessica for $75 at the 4 week check-in appt. As suggested or requested after the completion of the base package, further testing options are available for an additional cost.


This consultation is great for any adult wanting to work with an accredited practitioner to improve their health and wellness by making holistic lifestyle changes. That includes a willingness to modify diet, sleep habits, exercises, vitamin and herbal supplementation as a means to an improved state of being.

About Dr. Jessica Christie:

Dr. Jessica Christie is a naturopathic doctor and Certified Nutrition Specialist ® who works with clients across the United States. She specializes in helping clients get to the root cause of their symptoms while optimizing health and wellness through nutrition and natural protocols. If you have any additional questions or concerns, or would like to talk to one of our in-house experts about this package, please email A real human will respond!
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