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Cordyceps Mushroom (Ingredient)
Cordyceps Mushroom
Known to enhance muscular endurance, relieve stress, and especially popular for focus and increasing cognitive function.
Stress Relieving Stress Relieving
Joint & Muscle Support
'Shrooms anyone? Functional shrooms that is! This adaptogenic fungi isn’t psychedelic, but will rock your world with its stress reducing and immunity boosting powers. If you face lethargy and bouts of migraines, Cordyceps can help.

In the wild, Cordyceps are very rare, and are found at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. Due to this rarity they were commonly reserved for royalty. The mushroom will help to get you in tip top shape due to its cognitive boosting functions, keeping that mind sharp, to overall muscular tone and athletic recovery. It will keep your mood in check too and can relieve lung function and symptoms of chronic bronchitis.

This adaptogen is highly unique to the Asian continent and cannot be found anywhere else.

Origin: Asia
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  • Cordyceps Mushroom Known to enhance muscular endurance, relieve stress, and especially popular for focus and increasing cognitive function.
How To Use
Swap out or boost your pre-work out shake with 1 tsp of Cordyceps. Alternatively add to milk for a morning brain tonic and in replacement of coffee.

Customer Reviews

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Game changer

So far I am LOVING the Cordyceps powder. I have been using it about 3 weeks now. I bought it as I have been doing a Keto Diet, and recently started doing fasted cardio as well. WOW! what an immediate improvement! I use a heart rate monitor so I can not only physically see the change in my cardiovascular performance, but my energy and endurance levels, especially being in a fasted state, are amazing. It works way better than any pre-workout I have tried. I will definitely keep using this supplement. It has been a game changer!



Lion's Mane from a Students Perspective

Some people are complaining about the taste, although it is not a pleasant taste, it doesn't take away from the effects that it produces, I think the taste (bland and earthy) adds to the wakefulness and alertness that the concoction produces.

If mushrooms good be a god.

I purchased this for a friend who suffers with asthma. She told me she is able to breathe better that she has in years. This mushroom is a Godsent.

Gas upppp with cordyceps!

I love love love the flavor of cordyceps and increasing my get up and go with mushrooms. I add this to my cold brew in the morning and it adds a little sweetness and helps with a kick in the pants to get going.

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