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Chaga Mushroom (Ingredient)
Chaga Mushroom
Anti-cancer, helps to ward off viruses, promotes physical endurance and reduces inflammation.
Stress Relieving Stress Relieving
Joint & Muscle Support
Kapha Balancing Kapha Balancing
A medicinal mushroom that grows in cold, Northern climates, most often in Birch trees. Chaga has been used as a folk remedy in Russia and other North-European countries for centuries as a longevity tonic and potent cancer fighter.

Chaga is known for being grounding, calming, and cooling, as other adaptogens it aids your body in recovering from stress. It is an overall amazing anti-inflammatory and immune boosting shroom.

Chaga Mushroom is the only known adaptogenic mushroom to contain low pH Betulinic Acid which directly targets cancer cells, and is low pH. The anti-cancer properties of Betulinic Acid, is now being studied as a chemotherapeutic agent for its anti-tumor and tumor reducing benefits.
Origin: USA, Europe, Asia
Full Ingredient List
  • Chaga Mushroom Anti-cancer, helps to ward off viruses, promotes physical endurance and reduces inflammation.
How To Use
Simply add 1 tsp to your juice, latte or smoothie. We suggest adding in the powder first, and then liquid to ensure the powder fully dissolves.

Chaga Mushroom is great as a coffee replacement for its energy boosting properties.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Just not sure how to use it

Doesn’t dissolve like I thought it would. I’ve heard about the benefits of using it. Just need to find a recipe book.



Seems like a good product

Came quickly. Seems like a good product, not that I have anything to compare it to. Tastes fine in tea.

Chaga tea

Chaga tea is the best way to drink this. Just 1-2 tsp in hot water and drink quickly. Honey optional.

allergy relief

I used it as tea, small cups time to time. It could be coincidence but it relieved my allergies. I am very pleased.

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