Burdock Root

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Burdock Root (Ingredient)
Burdock Root
Strong digestive aid, helps to improve skin complexion, assists in the detoxification of the body against diseases vis-a-vis lymphatic drainage.
Digestive Support
Vibrant Skin & Hair
Vata Balancing Vata Balancing
The Burdock plant is an ancient root vegetable that’s been widely used in Asia as a remedy for a variety of bodily ailments, mainly skin health and digestion. If you're diabetic and face high blood pressure, Burdock Root can help.
This powerful root vegetable is best known for being an alterative herb, meaning it builds up the body with nutrients. Burdock Root has been used for centuries to purify the blood, balance hormones, pH levels, and liver detoxification. A clean liver equals a glowing complexion.

Used for centuries as a strong digestive aid, given its exceptional iron content, Burdock Root assists the body in detoxification against diseases vis-a-vis lymphatic drainage.

Origin: Japan, China
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  • Burdock Root Strong digestive aid, helps to improve skin complexion, assists in the detoxification of the body against diseases vis-a-vis lymphatic drainage.
How To Use
Mix 1 tsp with morning tea or warm water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. We recommend steeping for 15-20 minutes prior to consuming.

Customer Reviews

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Great stuff

Great! Loved it! Gave me lots of energy! My iron level went up being that am very anemic. My moms a diabetic and she totally agreed on how well it worked for her also. We used this root as a tea and in our fruit smoothes. Only down side for me was gave me a bit of a gas problem but I think I just needed to twick about how much I would use each time. I do recommend this root for anyone who's trying to improve your health. It does work! There is a broad range of other usage with this root. Like growing hair and for improving skin problems. I will continue to use it.

Good for skin

Strong flavor but good for skin


Works! I make a potful of this and my family (including my cats) drink this tea everyday! This tea may produce phloems to clean your system if necessary. My family experience the extra phloem production by drinking the tea. Anyway, It is a great feeling to wake up without numbing-tingling arms caused by bad blood circulation (may have caused by toxin in my system). I believe this burdock root is helping my system to clean my somewhat-unclean blood. I have irritable gut syndrome, gluten-allergy, and Atopy. As long as I watch what I eat and drink this tea (more than 2 cups per day), my skin and limps are free from the numbing and itchiness.

For eczema

We've had success using burdock root for eczema and other skin issues as well as for sore bones and arthritis. Also very nutritional as a drinking tea.

Good to add to tea

I boil it and steep for about 30 minutes. Then I add it to my Teecchino coffee substitute and I have a nice herb drink that takes away my coffee cravings. Works well. I have not had acidic stomach issues since I stopped drinking coffee.

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