Welcome to The Garden

Our experiential herbal wellness retail space at The LINE LA

 Find your path back to balance at The Garden, Apothékary’s signature experiential retail space nestled in The LINE LA. Enjoy browsing our Japanese zen garden-inspired shop for blends that pique your interest, or work with one of our trained and licensed wellness experts for an in-depth consultation. We’ll help you create a custom herbal plan that fits your unique needs.


About the Space

Inspired by Founder Shizu Okusa’s Japanese heritage, The Garden’s design is an homage to zen gardens found in Japan and at Shizu’s family home in Vancouver (her father, Hiro, is actually a zen garden architect himself)! As you step into The Garden, you’ll feel more connected to your center and to the wonder that nature has to offer.


  • Smooth, ridged tables alluding to garden raking and sand patterns found in traditional zen gardens.

  • Three stone pedestals, reflecting the practice of using an odd number of rocks in the gardens.

  • Golden-cracked detail across our counter representing Kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with precious metals.

  • Ikebana arrangements showcasing the Japanese art of flower arranging. From the Japanese ikeru (生ける, "to arrange (flowers), have life, be living") and hana (花, "flower"), one way to translate ikebana is "giving life to flowers."

    We created this space to honor our roots and create a haven for you to find your personal path back to balance. 


    Visit us at The LINE LA today and discover how we’re redefining wellth.  


    3515 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010