Reseller Policy

By becoming an Apothékary reseller, you agree to abide by this Reseller Policy.

In order to maintain a profitable margin for resellers and provide quality sales experiences, customer support, and expertise to end-users, Apothékary has instituted this policy. To preserve the network of Apothékary resellers, the following terms must be followed:

Prohibition on Internet Sales. Unless approved by Apothékary and an Authorized Internet Reseller Agreement is executed, resellers are prohibited from selling Apothékary products online.

Transshipment Prohibited. Resellers may not sell or transfer Apothékary products to another person or entity for resale. They also agree to stop selling these products to anyone if requested by Apothékary

Intellectual Property Usage. The unauthorized use of Apothékary's intellectual property, including but not limited to logos, trademarks, product images, marketing banners, and other digital assets, is prohibited without written consent from Apothékary.

Ethical Sales Practices. Resellers must operate their business with integrity and ethics at all times. They may not engage in any misleading, deceptive, or unethical practices or advertising, and they may only make warranties or representations authorized by Apothékary. Resellers must also comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations related to advertising, sales, and marketing of Apothékary products.

Quality Control Standards. Resellers must comply with all quality control standards announced by Apothékary, including advertising, storage, and shipping requirements.

Customer Service. Resellers are expected to provide exceptional customer service, and their sales personnel must be knowledgeable about all Apothékary products being sold.

Indemnification. The reseller agrees to indemnify and hold Apothékary harmless from any claims, actions, damages, losses, and expenses resulting from the reseller's breach of any term or condition of this agreement, breach of representation or warranty, negligent acts or omissions, introduction of defects into products after delivery, or any personal injury caused by the reseller's actions.

Original Packaging. Resellers must sell Apothékary products in their original packaging, and they may not alter or remove any labels or information on the products or packaging.

Additional Terms. Resellers must comply with any additional terms and conditions set forth by Apothékary, which may be amended at any time.

Apothékary reserves the right to change this Reseller Policy at any time. Continued use, advertising, or sale of the products by a reseller will be deemed acceptance of the changes.

If Apothékary determines that a reseller is in violation of this policy, legal action may be taken, including refusing to accept orders from the reseller.

If you have any questions about this Reseller Policy, please email