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The Creative

Thriving off new experiences, your constitution is high-spirited, high-energy and loves to stay active. While easy going in nature, sometimes you can be forgetful due to your desire to manage multiple projects at a time, many of which are creative endeavors.

When in balance, your entrepreneurial spirit has you building your next project, business, or piece of art. You might find you often multi-task and have a tendency to be hyper-aware, with a keen sense of awareness for your environment and those around you.

Common symptoms of imbalance include hair loss, dull skin, and constipation. Based on Ayurvedic principles, this constitution is also known as Vata.

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The Creative

How do you know when you're imbalanced?

The "home site" for The Creative in the body is the large intestine. So when you're imbalanced, it typically shows as constipation or severe irregularity. 

As imbalance continues to get out of hand, signs will appear other places as well, in the form of insomnia, shoulder aches, and indecisiveness.

Finding your balance.


Rest is the number one medicine for calming your mind-body type. We recommend sleeping at regular and consistent hours and getting ~8 hours of sleep daily. Regularity is the name of the game; keep to a consistent schedule to stay grounded.


If exercising, stick to gentle workouts like yoga, swimming or light walks. Going too hard in cardio can further aggravate you, making imbalances even worse.


- Smooth, moist, sweet and warm foods will be soothing.

- Avoid an excess of raw, dry, "airy" (e.g. bread) and too many crunchy foods like nuts.

- Bananas, soups, creamy yogurt, and oatmeal are great meal options.

- Drink room temperature water, not iced or boiling hot.

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