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The Balanced One

Spread equally across the 3 main constitution types, The Balancer lives harmoniously and is naturally in balance with a meditative personality. You tend to rarely get ill, you're adaptable, resilient, calmer by nature, optimistic and at peace with yourself.

Seeking the best in people and great at conflict resolution, people often confide in you due to your calm and thoughtful advice.

When in balance you have a sharp mind, sound temperament and make thoughtful decisions. Overall you're a natural leader with a grounded nature and impressive stamina.

Common symptoms of imbalance include inflammation, anger, low energy and dull skin. Based on Ayurvedic principles, this constitution is also be known as a Tri-Doshic.

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The Balanced One

What does imbalance look like?

Imbalance for your constitution can happen when you're getting pulled in multiple directions and begin losing a sense of direction or routine.

Common symptoms include getting sick for prolonged periods of time and generally become mentally, physically, or emotionally unstable.

Finding your balance.


Develop morning and evening routines, practiced daily to support balance. Even for 5-10 minutes, try to cultivate a daily meditation practice. Create a yoga practice that aligns with the given season (e.g. during Fall and Winter emphasize grounding, in the Spring, bring more heat and flow into your practice and in the Summer, stay cool and calm with forward folds and gentle twists).


Movement and routine is key for your constitution. When feeling low on energy, or needing for a creative spark, try something gentle and literally "stretch the mind" with Yoga. If feeling energetic and feeling like you have a lot to express, let it out with aerobic exercise like cycling, running, or even swimming.


- Eat seasonally and locally. In the Fall and Winter, enjoy warm root vegetables and stews. In the Spring, gently detoxify with light, foods like quinoa, fresh greens and juices. During the Summer keep the body cool with fresh fruits and avoid foods that are overly spicy, fried or oily.

- Including spicy foods with cumin, coriander & fennel (known as the three brothers in herbalism) can help promote healthy and regular digestion.

- Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning to promote healthy elimination and detoxification daily.

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