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The Natural CEO

One of the strongest constitution types, the Natural CEO has a very robust and resilient demeanor. As such, you might often find yourself in positions of power and asserting comes naturally.

Given the heavy responsibility load, there can often be a tendency toward an unhealthy lifestyle. Too little exercise, too much food, and overall a bit too much indulgence.

Common symptoms of imbalance include weight gain, sluggish bowel movements, dull skin and inflammation. Based on Ayurvedic principles, tyour constitution is also known as Pitta-Kapha.

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The  Natural CEO

How do you know when you're imbalanced?

Imbalance can be seen in the skin with breakouts, unevenness, cyclical weight and being overly critical/judgmental. 

Depending on the season, you'll see different imbalances such as loss of focus, anxiety and abnormal weight gain especially in the Winter.

Finding your balance.


Keeping the fire lit, but not all consuming is the name of the game. Stimulating and changing activities will keep you on your toes and prevent stagnation. Take a road trip, try a new hobby, try something (anything) new. Prioritize adequate sleep, ideally going to bed by 10 pm and rising early to avoid sluggishness.


Balance is key. Find a cycle you can repeat between intense and relaxing activities. For example, hit up a SoulCycle class, or kickboxing class and pair it later in the week with yin yoga or calming time outside (ie. gardening, hiking).


- Bitter, astringent, and cooling foods will soothe you.

- As often as possible, eat in season ingredients.

- Your meals should be regular, with the biggest meal of the day being lunch.

- Grains (like quinoa and wild rice), light and cooling fruits (like apples, blueberries, cherries), and cooked vegetables are great meal options.

- Drink room temperature water, not iced or boiling hot.

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