Your constitution type:

Governing change and intense energy, your constitution would be described as focused, hot, and all-consuming.  Hence, fire is your representing element.

Traditional Eastern Medicine would describe you as "Pitta"-dominant, meaning you have a lot of heat, zest for life and generally a strong metabolism.  When aggravated, imbalance can manifest as quick bursts of anger, frustration, or becoming over critical. When in balance, you have an unyielding focus, like an arrow to a target.

A healthy person with a Pitta-predominant constitution is passionate, determined, and intellectually sharp. They are the "movers and shakers" of society with intensity in their presence, a strong frame, and driven with an analytical mind. You quickly recognizes the truth in situations and maintains the flexibility to change to match life’s rhythms.

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Your constitution type:

How do you know when you're imbalanced?

Imbalance for your constitution type shows up in the form of acne, acid reflux, anger, irritability and inflammation.

Early signs can be seen in the form of bodily inflammation: in the joints or issues with the skin in the form of acne, eczema, or red spots.  Heartburn, acid reflux and ulcers are also a physical sign of imbalance. 

Emotionally, you may feel stressed, intense, overly critical, impatient, and have perfectionist, controlling qualities (yes, if you're a Type A, we gotchu).

Relax. Take a moonlight walk, a dip in the pool. Think cooling and healing, turn down all that natural heat. Be spontaneous and go with the flow, lean into the life’s natural ebb and flow. Loosen your grip and practice the art of surrender.
When exercising, work with forms that are calm and steady like a vinyasa yoga class, hikes in nature, and moderate biking.
  • More: sweet, cooling, and heavy will pacify you (e.g. coconut water, coconut oil, juice, smoothies, salads, yogurt, cucumber)
  • Less: pungent (spicy), sour, and salty foods (e.g. sriracha)
  • Good condiments: cumin, coriander, mint, fennel and cardamom
  • Hydration is the name of the game; drink cold water throughout the day.
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A summary of the three constitution types:
Vata Pitta Kapha
Spirit symbol Vata Balancing Air Pitta Balancing Fire Kapha Balancing Earth
Common traits Dry, Light, Cold Oily, Hot, Light Heavy, Slow, Cold
Work type Type A Mostly Type A Type B
Comforting foods Astringent, Bitter Sour, Pungent Sweet, Salty
Balanced when ... Clear perspective, Creative, Artistic Discernment, Sharp memory, Joyful Gentle, Emotinally in tune, Strong endurance
Imbalanced when ... Anxious, Spacey, Moody, Insomnia, Stiff muscles, Constipation Judgemental, Angry, Controlling, Inflammation/breakouts, Hot flashes, Skin rashes, Diarrhea Fearful of letting go, Set in ways, Depression, Obesity, Congestion, Excessive sleep, Irregular bowel
Triggers for imbalance Not being true to oneself, Eating on the run, Spreading self too thin Overworking, Eating while angry, Overheating activity (workouts) Sedentary lifestyle, Emotional eating, Storing of emotions
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