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The Loyalist

Often playing a very supporting role in relationships, your constitution can be characterized by having overall qualities of stability, calm, and focus.

This type is the ideal manager, who calmly handles several issues simultaneously. They retain what they have learned and can remember the minor details.

The Loyalist is laid back, dependable and loving.  They have a stable mind, strong body, and the ability to provide support for themselves and others.

Common symptoms of imbalance include weight gain and constant fatigue. Through the lens of Ayurveda, one of the most ancient holistic healing modalities, your constitution is predominant in what is referred to as as Kapha, or "Earth".

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The Loyalist

How do you know when you're imbalanced?

Excess weight, lethargy, emotional overeating, and sluggish bowel movements are the top symptoms. Imbalance can also manifest as low moods, constant fatigue, and a general feeling of feeling "stuck". 

When things continue to stay out of sync, imbalance will appear in other places as well, mainly in the respiratory system showing as frequent colds, and congestion.

Finding your balance.

That new new. Breaking out of routine with new experiences is ideal for you. Try a new game, go see a new part of the world, learn a new skill or hobby. Build that inner fire. Waking up early is best and avoid naps during the day.

When exercising, work with forms of movement that are energizing and fast paced like heated yoga, kickboxing, and running.

- Avoid heavy, oily, and too many sweet and salty foods.

- Steamed vegetables, soup, beans, raw foods and salads are great meal options.

- Add warming spices to food (garlic, onion, cinnamon, cayenne, ginger.) 

-Eat your heaviest meal in the middle of the day.

- Drink room temperature water, not iced or boiling hot.

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