Exfoliating rose clay mask

Peak Bloom

Meet Peak Bloom.

An anti-aging, superfood exfoliating face mask curated to take your skin from hibernation to hydration.

How it all began

Japanese Roots

As an homage to our Founder and Chief Wellth Officer's home country, Peak Bloom is Sakura inpired. Sakura, the cherry blossom considered to be Japan's national flower, is a short-lived phenomenon that is a sight to behold. It captures the fragile and fleeting nature of life and how short it can be if not savored. But Sakura is also about new beginnings, and a reminder of how beautiful life can be.

Key Ingredients + Benefits

Peak Bloom

Delivering the nutrients for youthful, softer, brighter skin.

Reduces inflammation
Schisandra Berry
Restores elasticity
Pink Rose Clay
Detoxifies impurities
Goji Berry
Promotes hydration
A powerful solution to hormonal acne typically triggered by inflammatory foods. Curated to help balance your complexion, reduce inflammation, and promote healing from within.

How to Use

Scoop 1/4 tsp into a small bowl.
Add a few drops of water and mix.
Brush on face, let dry for 10 minutes.
Rinse off with warm water and glow baby, glow.

A New Way to Mask Up

After nearly a year of research and development, we're so thrilled for you to meet Peak Bloom. We sat down with our Founder & Chief Wellth Advisor to learn more about Peak Bloom's inspiration and its multi-masking benefits.

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