Welcome to the Spring 2023 Inside Scoop

Glow up from the inside out

This Inside Scoop box features two brand new formulas sure to have you glowing from dusk ‘til dawn. Whether it’s bringing life back to dry, limp hair or giving your skin a natural glow, these herbalist-crafted formulas are rooted in nature’s best medicine and are exactly what you need to look and feel lively this spring.

It's time to Plump It Up™

Made with skin-plumping and hydrating ingredients, Plump It Up™ is your new favorite functional creamer. Featuring elasticity-boosting bovine collagen, antioxidant-rich tocos, and hydrating coconut and oat milk, one scoop in coffee, tea, or an herbal tonic is all you need to unlock plumper, more hydrated skin from the inside out.

You deserve to be the Mane Character™

Give limp, lifeless strands new energy with this potent herbal formula. Mane Character™ is herbalist-crafted to promote bold and luxurious strands from head to toe. Powerful Ayurvedic and herbal ingredients combine to help stimulate hair growth, ease hair loss, and strengthen the connective tissues that support healthy skin and nails.

What’s included in your Inside Scoop box

VIP Access to New Formulas

Be the first to try unreleased herbal formulas at a members-only price and experience their benefits before anyone else.

Herbal Knowledge

Learn how each formula works, when to use it, and the variety of health benefits that herbs can bring to your wellbeing.

Free Herb Class with a Clinical Herbalist

Get to the source and enjoy valuable information from one of our in-house herbalists about how to use your herbs like a pro.

Health-Conscious Community

A Facebook community with other herb lovers who are rooting for you. Ask questions, share your favorite herbal recipes, or chat about your glowing results.

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Spotlight on Herbs

The carefully chosen herbs in these formulas are backed by 5,000 years of tradition and affirmed by modern science. Each herb was chosen by clinical herbalists to bring you powerful wellness—from the inside and out.

Known as a nutrient powerhouse, horsetail contains up to 25% silica. A compound that helps build healthy connective tissues and supports collagen synthesis for hair, skin, and nails.
Considered a bountiful source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, the nutrients in moringa leaves play an important role in promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss.
An Ayurvedic fruit popular for its digestive and regulatory benefits, amla can contain up to 20x more vitamin C than oranges—a vital nutrient that supports healthy tissues and immunity.
With 18 amino acids and up to 90% protein, bovine collagen can support healthy tissues like skin, hair, nails and even the gut lining.
A superfood from the vitamin E family, tocos is a potent antioxidant that can help reduce the cell damage that leads to premature aging.
A tropical tree nut and plant-based milk alternative delivering an array of nutrients, skin-nourishing fats, and a creamy finish.

Each Box Leaves an Impression

Here’s what past Inside Scoopers have had to say about their subscription boxes.



I love my Inside Scoop annual membership. It has allowed me to discover new favorites, that I might not have tried otherwise.
- Denise M.



Love the Inside Scoop blends! So nice to try something new and different throughout the year.
- Jennifer M.



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- Andrea S.



I love to explore all of the new products I receive from my annual Inside Scoop box! It is fun and educational.
- Mia O.

Let’s glow together.

Now’s your chance to grow and glow all season long using nature’s best medicine. If lackluster skin, hair, and nails have been haunting you this past season, give yourself a fresh look and feel with the herbal formulas found in this Inside Scoop.