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Follow Your Gut™️

Is your gut feeling a little sluggish? Follow Your Gut is a powerful anti-inflammatory blend that helps improve digestion, reduce stress levels, and support overall immunity. This is a great blend for when you’re a little backed up bathroom-wise or need exercise recovery support.

Seal The Deal™️

Need a boost in the bedroom? Seal the Deal balances hormones and improves performance inside and outside the bedroom. As a natural aphrodisiac, this blend is crafted to boost endurance and energy, yet keep a balanced mood—which is great for when you’re “in the mood!” It’s also rich in antioxidants from the acai and also helps improve fertility.

The Littles™️

Ready to dive into herbal medicine but don’t know where to start? The Littles’ is a box of our 10 signature blends in single-size packets, so you can sample each before you commit. If you’re already familiar with our herbal blends, The Littles are perfect to take on-the-go and incorporate into your day wherever you are.

Slay All Day™️

Need a stable energy boost? Slay All Day is a matcha-based, adaptogenic blend that will keep you going without the jitters (or crash) that you get from a cup of coffee. Adaptogenic root Siberian ginseng supports the immune system and overall vitality, while chlorella gently supports detoxification.

You Dew You™️

Are you looking to improve your skin health from the inside out? You Dew You improves skin elasticity, reduces redness, and supports gut health for a glow from the inside out. As a plus, the two beauty-supporting adaptogenic mushrooms in this blend also help manage stress levels.

Blue Me Away™️

Feeling tired, stressed, or just…blah? Blue Me Away boosts mentally clarity and cuts through brain fog while boosting energy without caffeine. It also reduces inflammation, stress, and supports the immune system.

Stop Your Wine-ing™️

Need an alcohol-free and hangover-free swap at happy hour? Stop Your Wine-ing is a calming, stress-reducing alcohol alternative herbal blend that takes the edge off without the painful side effects of alcohol. It also delivers antioxidants and cardiovascular support that is typically found in a glass of wine.

Mind Over Matter™️

Having a hard time focusing on…anything? Mind Over Matter improves focus, naturally eases stress, and reduces brain fog and stress. The superfood mushrooms in this blend also support the immune system, which can be impacted by stress.

Do Not Disturb™️

Having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep? Do Not Disturb is a sleep-inducing and stress-reducing herbal blend that’s a natural alternative to melatonin, helping you fall asleep faster. This sleep-supporting blend contains herbs and adaptogens that naturally calm your nervous system and adrenals.

Chill the F* Out™️

Is feeling ‘drained' or burned out your constant state of existence? Chill the F* Out is a stress-reducing and cortisol-reducing plant-based blend formulated for those who struggle with chronic stress.