Backed by 5,000 years of holistic medicine and science, our plant-based herbal blends deliver powerful results, naturally. Take them individually or mix them together into your favorite beverage or meal.
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Full Home Farmacy Set
Full Home Farmacy Set
The ultimate Apothékary home farmacy kit includes all seven of our most popular Signature Blends. They contain a potent mix of adaptogens for dewy skin, healthy digestion, sustained energy and lower cortisol levels. Take them all on the same day, combine just 2 or 3, or rotate through them based on your daily needs. If you're looking for a "bit of everything" covering skin care to stress care, this set is for you.
Choose Frequency – $89.10+USD
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Chill The F* Out
Chill The F* Out
An Apothékary classic and one of our most popular blends, this is a serotonin-boosting stress-busting elixir targeting cortisol levels. It tastes like a peppermint hot chocolate mix and contains two powerhouse adaptogens, Reishi and Ashwagandha.
Choose Frequency – $17.10+USD
Sample Blends (7-pack)
Sample Blends (7-pack)
Who doesn't love samples? If you're unsure which blend is right for you, this is your chance to dip your toes into the powerful world of healing superfoods with a sample of all of our popular Apothékary signature blends.
Choose Frequency – $13.50+USD
Custom Gold Dosing Spoon
Custom Gold Dosing Spoon
Must-have farmacy tool
The farmacy tool must have. A chic addition to your routine, the custom dosing spoon is perfectly sized to fit into our 2oz bottles and make your daily dosing a breeze.
Choose Frequency – $9 USD
Farmacy Pouch
Farmacy Pouch
Introducing our vegan leather pouch, the perfect accessory to organize and protect your Apothékary farmacy.
Choose Frequency – $15 USD

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