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  • The Truth About Dairy Free Milk Options

    Saturday Mar 06, 2021

    At this point, none of us are strangers to the world of alternate milk options. Whatever your style, there's an alt milk for you - oat, almond, flax, hemp, soy, coconut. Take your pick. But what is best? Are these alternatives really better for us than dairy and how to we know which ones are the best?

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  • The Ultimate Sleep Latte

    Friday Mar 05, 2021



    Ready to show sleep who’s boss? This ultra calming + sleep-inducing elixir will do the trick.

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  • Introducing Do Not Disturb: Let's sleep on it! 💤 

    Wednesday Mar 03, 2021

    Ever been told, “Sleep on it”? What if you can’t sleep? After the restless year that was 2020, a recent CDC study reports over 70% of adults having trouble sleeping due to high stress and screen time. Our newest blend, Do Not Disturb, is here to change that.
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  • Dark Chill Cocoa

    Tuesday Feb 09, 2021

    A bit of chocolate in the morning (or any time of day!) is never a bad idea in our books. 😋

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  • Creating a Diverse Space in the Wellness Community

    Friday Feb 05, 2021

    This week we spoke with our dear friend, Sasha Whitney, about her experiences and what she hopes for in the future. We're honored that she shared her time with us and are excited to share her important words here with you. 👇 
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  • Not all 'shrooms are created equal.⁠

    Thursday Feb 04, 2021

    Not all 'shrooms are created equal.⁠

    Mushrooms typically have one of two primary benefits: reduce stress or boost immunity. Whether you're looking to calm down after a long day or to support your immune system during these cold months, we believe there's a mushroom for you.⁠

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  • Upgraded Bulletproof Coffee

    Tuesday Jan 26, 2021

    We're finding the motivation to tackle our to-do lists like pros, with a bit of a brain boost via our morning cup 'o Joe. The name of the game is simplicity. Make your habits work for you! Already drinking coffee? Add your adaptogens to that daily cup.

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  • Shizu's Shiitake Horchata Latte

    Tuesday Jan 19, 2021

    Say that five times fast. We're trying out our founder, Shizu's, go-to morning focus fuel featuring our fav Oat Mylk! 

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  • Recipe: Chill The F* Out Cinnamon Cocoa

    Tuesday Jan 05, 2021

    Our ideal way to end the day is with any version of this childhood favorite - hot cocoa. This one from @wandering_solflower includes ginger + cinnamon for a bit of a kick that compliments the cacao and peppermint in the loveliest way!

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  • Recipe: Glow Getter Zucchini Chips

    Monday Jan 04, 2021

    A Glow Getter snack while getting your veggies in? Yes, please! 

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  • Recipe: Mind Over Matter Green Smoothie

    Monday Jan 04, 2021

    We're taking this fresh start to the next level with this incredible green smoothie by one of our favorites @wandering_solflower

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  • Recipe: Golden Glow Smoothie

    Sunday Dec 27, 2020

    A Glow Getter Immunity Smoothie is exactly what the doctor ordered!⁠

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  • Recipe: Supermood Hot Cocoa

    Thursday Dec 24, 2020

    Cold weather means hot cocoa right?⁠

    @emilynachazel created this Superfood Hot Cocoa that is the perfect warm hug in a mug we're all needing with this chilly weather. ❄️⁠

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  • Hot Buttered Rum⁠

    Wednesday Dec 23, 2020

    Hot Buttered Rum sans the Rum✨⁠ The perfect cold weather bevvy to kick up the holiday spirit!

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  • Christmas Cranberry Mocktail ⁠

    Sunday Dec 20, 2020

    Taking a break from alcohol but still wanting to partake in the holiday fun? This mocktail is for you! ⁠

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  • Recipe: Chill The F* Out x Goodmylk Oatmilk "Nog"

    Thursday Dec 17, 2020

    Who's ready for CHILL mode? Kick off the holiday and some serious relaxation with this Chill The F* Out Oat Nog- inspired by one of our favorite women-owned brands, Goodmylk.


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  • Blue Moon Mylk Latte

    Tuesday Dec 08, 2020

    As we approach the end of this long year, we're looking forward to bluer skies and brighter days, starting with this moon mylk latte to promote mental clarity. Featuring our Limited Edition Blue Me Away, this latte gives you the headspace you've been craving.

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  • Better Than Botox Brownies⁠

    Tuesday Dec 08, 2020

    It's #NationalBrownieDay and we are ready 👏 for 👏 it 👏. ⁠We combined two of our fav things with this recipe - chocolate and skincare.🤤 Yes and yes!⁠

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  • Peppermint Patty Green Smoothie

    Wednesday Dec 02, 2020

    How we're using Sea Moss + Moringa this week! A holiday twist on a super nutrient dense smoothie.

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  • Pumpkin Waffles with @the_veganhousewife

    Tuesday Nov 10, 2020

    Waffles + Pumpkin + Glow Getter = 🤩⁠

    @the_veganhousewife has come up with the most perfect fall breakfast and we are getting the mixing bowls ready!

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