Very Vata Balancing Morning Routine

Feb 13, 2019


How do you start your morning? Do you jump out of bed and workout? Are you a morning mediator, or the type to snooze your alarm 15 times and then rush to work un-showered (just me?). There is no right answer to a morning routine (except that snooze thing) but you can tailor it to be in line with your dosha for a more balanced start to your day. So let’s talk about what makes a good morning for Vata.

P.S. If you don’t know what your dosha is, take the Dosha Quiz


Here’s an ideal Vata-balancing morning:

Vata’s tend to get cold easily and can become overwhelmed by their creative ideas and booming calendar. That’s why mornings are the perfect time to anchor Vata energy, get some quiet time, and restore for the day ahead.

  • Wake up (no cell phone scrolling please!) and make a mug of hot water or almond milk mixed with Follow Your Gut.
  • Spend 5-10 minutes with your eyes closed, following your breath in and out. Focus on finding evenness between the inhale and the exhale - you can even count the length of the inhale and try to match it to the exhale.
  • Do some gentle stretches - Sun Salutations are the perfect exercise to get your muscles moving, and the repetition will feel good in your body.
  • Play soothing music (instrumental is great!). Vata is connected to our sense of hearing, and gentle music will help calm your brain.
  • Eat a warming breakfast - oat or quinoa porridge is the perfect grounding meal for Vata- I particularly love this Pumpkin Quinoa Porridge (also great with a little Follow Your Gut added) from Detoxinista - the pumpkin is super grounding and the quinoa has a boost of protein to provide you with strength for your day.


You CAN have a morning that feels great. One of the best things about Ayurveda is that everything is an experiment. Try on one of these morning routines for a week and see how you feel! If something isn’t fitting, you can always make changes.

If you want some more personalized help in designing a balancing, energizing morning, book an Ayurvedic consult with one of our Wellth Advisors (spoiler alert…I’m one of them!). 

In Balance and Bliss,




Samantha Attard is the founder of Happy Healthy Human. A Nutrition PhD, Yoga Instructor with over 1,500 teaching hours, certified doula, and Ayurvedic coach, Samantha connects physical and emotional energy to bring healing to her clients and students. Listen in to her podcast - Happy Healthy Human Radio - and learn more about her work at