Before-and-After Results

Jan 30, 2022

"Does this stuff really work?"

Herbal medicine has been around for over 5,000 years.  From Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to Japanese Kampo, to Indian Ayurveda, there is no shortage of long rooted traditions and powerful remedies that have been passed down for centuries.  Here at Apothékary, we are strong believers that what we eat directly affects the appearance of our complexion, how our body digests food, our brain functions and how we age, sleep, and work.

That's why we combined Mother Nature's cleanest, yet most effective ingredients to help reduce anxiety, restore gut health, and calm inflammation. The results are as powerful as the ingredients themselves so here we are, sharing 3 powerful customer testimonials of using food as medicine. 


Follow Your Gut to less bloat, staying regular, and containing food inflammation:

Our customer Alyssa was experiencing intense bloating and "back up" (if you know what we mean). She shared with us her experience of adding Follow Your Gut to her wellness routine. 

To learn more about Follow Your Gut and follow along Alyssa's bloat and inflammation journey, check out the full interview here.


Clearing up long-term rosacea, inflammation, and bodily acne in 6 weeks with You Dew You:

Lindsey Kresser, one of our customers recently shared her incredible skin healing journey using You Dew You. Over the course of just 6 weeks, she was able to not only tackle her chronic acne and inflammation, but restore elasticity and overall complexion. 

Learn and read more about Lindsey's powerful results here.


Naturally glowing, and clear skin in only 3 weeks with You Dew You:

Adult acne is the literal pits.  It's often difficult to pinpoint its root cause making it really challenging to target and treat. This can lead to a lot of bouncing around from product to product which can actually make things worse and leave you asking a lot more questions.

Makayla Hutchison, one of our customers, shared her experience using You Dew You. Over the course of three weeks, she was able to immensely clear up stubborn adult acne.

Forehead, Face, Nose, Hair, Cheek, Skin, Lip, Chin, Hairstyle, Eyebrow

Learn and read more about Makayla's wellthy journey here.


Still unsure about herbal medicine?  We get it!  You can book a team with one of our clinical herbalists and health coaches who are highly trained with plant-based medicine, ingredients, and passionate about personalizing your wellness routine.

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