5 Tips For A Scary Free Sunday

Feb 10, 2019



Tail between your legs? Yeah, Sunday's can be scarier than the mailman. We want Sundays to be less ruff so we put together a list of ways to hack Sunday. 


1. Make a list

Instead of overwhelming yourself by thinking of everything you have to do (work, errands, social...etc) this week write it down so you can actually look at it and be like, girl it is not that serious. Writing it down will also help you to organize everything so you have a plan in place. This is also a great time to take note of any questions you have for anything work-related.

Trying to get your #FITFAM on? Work that into your plan as well. Fitness is important for your mental state so find a way to make it work. We know Soul is all about #bookatnoon, but at least pick out the classes you want to go to and commit to making it work. This will also help you to get everything else done in an efficient manner.

2. Sunday Funday

We’ve never met a bottomless brunch we didn’t like but when it’s on a Sunday you gotta set some boundaries. Sunday Scaries often roll into Mondays and the anxiety is amplified by alcohol. Not trying to take the Fun out of Funday but ya know...adulting.

Also, if you must Sunday Funday to the fullest try and throw in a load of laundry or two before you head to brunch. Have clean sheets on your bed because that’s the best feeling ever. And just, like, make sure you have clean underwear for the following day. Starting off the week by flipping your underwear inside out is no way to start the week. Moreover, try and do something productive to set yourself up for success for the upcoming week.

3. Couchella

Sunday is a day of rest so don’t feel guilty about taking that literally. If you want to set up camp on the sofa and binge watch Friends for the 1989th time while falling in and out of sleep then do it! Ain’t no shame in that game. If that's what you need that it's fine. You spend Mon-Fri doing the most so give yourself a break. Pro Tip: Fool yourself into thinking its gross outside by closing the blinds and tell Alexa to play rain sounds.

4. Digital Detox

Instead of fomo-ing by binge-watching everyone’s stories take a break from your phone and shift your energy towards literally anything else. Comparing your weekend or your life to everyone else's is not healthy. Its a scam. Listen to this episode of Call Your Girlfriend about social media being a scam.

5. Make a change

If things don’t improve week after week and you feel yourself morphing into a bigger and bigger ball of anxiety then make a change! Find a new job, find a hobby that brings you joy, give yourself something to look forward to. Face masks and bubble baths are great but they won’t mask the fact that you’re miserable. Make self care an everyday thing by creating a life that you’re proud of.


Alright, you got this. If you need us we will be taking part in #Couchella2019 this Sunday and every Sunday...feel free to join us.