A Cherry Sub-Lime Elixir 🍒

Mar 18, 2022

Who said helping your liver function optimally couldn't be fun? 

Schisandra Berry has been shown to optimize liver function, aid in the regeneration of liver cells, and increase the levels are hepatic glutathione, an essential liver antioxidant. It also doubles as a preventative or hepatoprotective, which means it helps prevent damage to the liver. This, combined with lime and tart cherry juice, are not intensively “detoxifying” but instead, use antioxidants and Vitamin C to help your liver do what it does best, ridding your blood of toxins along with other vital functions.

Cherry Sub-Lime Elixir Recipe



  • 1 tsp Schisandra Berry

  • 4oz Cherry Juice

  • 2oz Lime Juice

  • Lime slices

To Make:

  1. Pour everything into a shaker and mix up.

  2. Pour into a glass, add some lime slices and enjoy!