You Dew You vs Firm Believer: Which Skin-Supporting Blend is Right for You?

Jul 28, 2022

By Casie Giroux

You’ve heard it a thousand times: beauty from the inside-out. But what does that actually mean? 

When it comes to your skin, the meaning is literal. What you put inside your body will almost always be reflected on the outside through the health of your skin. Sure, you may have a seven-step skincare regime that you follow religiously day and night, but those products often do not penetrate the deeper layers of skin or address the root cause of your skin concerns. 

Our skin-restoring blends You Dew You and Firm Believer (formerly Better Than Botox) were recently reformulated and use the power of herbs to improve different skin-related issues you may be experiencing. How? They address the underlying issue causing your skin condition. Whether you struggle with dull, dry, and sagging skin or irritated and blemished skin, you can find a solution in nature.

Unsure which blend is right for you? Take a peek at our skin-focused blends below to decide which one you should incorporate into your daily skincare ritual:  

You Dew You

For a clearer, calmer complexion  

When dealing with skin irritations like rosacea, eczema, acne, or dermatitis, it’s common to reach for a topical solution to make it go away. For the most part, inflammatory skin conditions can be better addressed by treating underlying—yep, you guessed it—inflammation in the body. Inflammation can be caused by a number of things, including an imbalanced gut, sluggish liver, or heightened stress levels. Improper digestion can show up as inflammation on our skin. A sluggish liver can recirculate excess hormones and toxins that can lead to acne outbreaks. Using certain herbs, you can work to address those underlying imbalances, resulting in a clearer and calmer complexion. 

 You Dew You contains hibiscus, burdock root, cordyceps mushroom, and chaga mushroom. These plants work together to reduce skin irritations and redness, address inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis, decrease acne, and improve glow by targeting inflammation, stress, and sluggish elimination pathways at the root.

You Dew You has a floral and earthy flavor with some tangy and creamy undertones. If you are familiar with our older version of You Dew You, our latest version tastes similar but is now reformulated to be completely vegan.

Firm Believer

For improved skin elasticity and firmness

As we age, collagen and hyaluronic acid production decreases, leading to loss of skin elasticity (your skin’s ability to bounce back into place). Additionally, when we are in a constant state of stress, our cortisol levels are elevated and collagen and hyaluronic acid production can be inhibited. Rather than apply these ingredients topically (or take collagen supplementally) you can actually help support their production by consuming plants rich in vitamin C (one of the building blocks of collagen) and other nutrients.  

Firm Believer contains schisandra berry, camu camu, sea buckthorn, and horsetail. Collectively, these herbs provide the building blocks for collagen and hyaluronic acid production and overall healthy skin due to their vitamin C and silica content. This means that you can literally help increase collagen and hyaluronic acid in your skin by feeding it what it needs to create it on its own. We formulated this blend to feed the skin from within, promote a more youthful glow, stimulate natural collagen production, and address stress and inflammation in the body that can contribute to skin woes typically associated with aging. 

Firm Believer has a citrusy berry flavor with notes of bitter green earthiness. If you remember Better Than Botox, it tastes very similar! This blend is also completely vegan. (Thanks, plants!)

Which blend is right for me?  

If you’re looking for improved skin elasticity and a more supple, youthful glow, Firm Believer is for you. If you’re looking to calm skin irritations and acne for an overall clearer complexion, then go with You Dew You. Do both sound good to you? Then great! When used in combination, Firm Believer and You Dew You can work together to address underlying skin-related issues and give you a beautiful glow from the inside out.


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About Casie Giroux

Casie Giroux is a Clinical Herbalist with a background in communication sciences, herbal product formulation and creation, sustainable wildcrafting, teaching, and organic farming. She earned her certification through the California School of Herbal Studies in Forestville, CA. On the weekends, you can find her playing in the garden, foraging for abundant plants, and camping by the water.