What's Your Poop Telling You?

Mar 28, 2018

(Yes, even girls.)


So why don’t we talk about it enough? While it may be an awkward or crass conversation to have poop, our elimination reveals a lot about what's going on inside the body. 


What does it mean to be “regular”?

Ideally, we should only be dropping the kids off at the pool 1-2 times a day. This also depends on how much food you're consuming on a daily basis. If you’re trying to “bulk up” you may be going closer to 3 times a day. If these bowel movements are what we will call “complete”, then you’re in the clear, but if you are constantly going back to the bathroom because you didn’t get it all out then Houston, we may have a problem. Not providing your body with that it needs can cause your digestive tract to move too slow or too fast. We want it to be juuuust right so you’re absorbing all the nutrients (see: leaky gut).

Bowel movements should be quick -- in and out without too much trouble. If you have time to insta-stalk your ex or win a game of HQ while on the seat, then something may be up. They can take longer for two reasons: constipation and the process can be painful, or it never ends because you have some form of diarrhea. Moral of the story, you should leave the bathroom in a timely fashion and leave feeling “empty” or satisfied.


What does your stool say about you?

You know how psychics can read tea leaves to decipher your future?  Well you can decipher a lot about your health by looking into the toilet! (This metaphor is a stretch...but just go with it). As we’ve discussed in previous posts you can tell a lot about the state of your gut by the look and feel of your skin. An even better way to get a report of your insides is to look at your poop. Here’s a chart that illustrates all the different kinds of poo.


What's your poop telling you?


Type 4 is the holy grail. That is where you want to be.

Types 1-2 could mean you are dehydrated and have some level of constipation (caused by poor diet, not enough fiber and lack of exercise). May we suggest the Detox Essentials Kit, with Triphala and our most popular gut-targeting Signature Blend for regularity.


Type 5-7 means you are not having complete movements and malabsorption of nutrients (stems from an unhealthy gut.






Your stool is like the check engine light in your car.  It’s easy to ignore by not looking at it, but if it continues to show up your car will eventually shut down.  The best way to diagnose and keep a healthy elimination pattern?  Check out our Dosha Quiz to get your unique mind-body personality type, for tips, tricks and recommendations for staying regular with the Type 4 Holy Grail Life.  Each Dosha will have a unique pattern for elimination, also by. season.


Taking care of your insides is important for a healthy, happy life.