Schisandra Berry: Your Liver's BFF

Mar 14, 2022


Meet Schisandra Berry. 👋

While this superfood berry might be new to you, it's been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices.


What it does:

Schisandra Berry has been shown to optimize liver function, aid the regeneration of liver cells, and increase the levels of hepatic glutathione, an essential liver antioxidant.

Schisandra is also hepatoprotective, meaning it prevents damage to the liver. It has been shown in animal studies to protect against alcohol, chemical and drug induced liver damage and to promote the healing of existing damage.

This makes it a great supporting herb for those who are working to reduce (or stop) alcohol consumption and want to go one step further in supporting their liver in healing.

How it works:

Schisandra is not an intensively “detoxifying” herb, so it won’t stimulate the liver and cause trips to the bathroom.

It actually optimizes liver function and repairs liver damage, so it gives the liver what it needs to effectively perform detoxification functions and clear out built up toxins. Simply put, it gives the liver some love, so it can do its job better.

Want a bev that's as functional as it is fun?



Make our Wine Not Alternative and add in 1/2 tsp of Schisandra Berry. You'll not only be giving your liver a break from the stress alcohol puts on it, but will be regenerating it at the same time.

Now that's a sober curious moment done really well.