Milky (Your) Way 💫

Oct 27, 2020


What's your milk of choice? Are you in deep on the oat milk latte trend? Prefer a nutty almond milk? Or a traditionalist with plain 'ol dairy milk?

Whatever your style, we're showing you how to upgrade your milk for personalized dosing in coffee, cereal, smoothies, or wherever else you milk it.


  • Beauty Milk ➡️ You Dew You

  • Golden Gut Milk ➡️ Follow Your Gut

  • Mood Milk ➡️ Seal The Deal

  • Mental Clarity ➡️ Blue Me Away

  • Chocolate Chill Milk ➡️ Chill The F* Out

  • Slay Milk ➡️ Slay All Day


Find yourself needing a double dose? Mix and match based on how you're feeling and milky your way.