Frozen Cherry Mocktail

Nov 11, 2022

Make this Stop Your Wine-ing frozen cherry mocktail with us 🍒

This really simple and refreshing mocktail is perfect for when you’re not in the mood for wine hangovers! The secret here, is using frozen cherries instead of ice cubes for a fruity, not too watery drink!


〰️ Stop Your Wine-ing

〰️ 1/4 cup of hot water

〰️ Handful of frozen cherries

〰️ Sparkling Water

To Make:

1. Froth 2 tsp Stop Your Wineing with ¼ cup of hot water

2. Pour over frozen cherries, and top off with sparkling water.

3. Enjoy 🫶

Stop Your Wine-ing is your new alcohol alternative to help you sip your way into a more mindful + chill holiday season.