What's the difference between Do Not Disturb and Chill The F* Out?

May 15, 2021

The battle of the stress relievers. 💪⁠

When reduced anxiety meets deep, restful sleep, we literally feel unstoppable. And honestly, it's been a minute since we felt that way. So we're bringing it back and holding on tight!⁠

Have you been wondering about the difference between our fan fave Chill The F* Out and our newest blend Do Not Disturb? 🤔

We thought you might be, so we're breaking it down: 

Chill The F* Out is great to relieve stress and can be taken anytime of day.  Do Not Disturb contains sedative herbs, meaning it has powerful natural ingredients to promote deep sleep so best to be taken in the evening around bedtime.

Both blends contain adaptogens, which are amazing to balance out our cortisol hormone and reduce stressors in the body.  Tap on any of the blend products below and dose up on the chill factor...then get ready for the very best chill of your life. 😴